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"I have been at the club since I was 12 years old and it has been a huge positive influence on the man I grew up to be. The sense of community has always been outstanding, and I always felt like I was a part of a huge family which always had my back and was there to support me. I was able to witness the club firsthand expand and develop into an elite programme and was constantly guided and pushed which consequently led to every area of my basketball ability growing to high standards over short periods of time. Working with Coach was deeper than just a basketball partnership, he became a big brother figure to us all. He constantly demands the best from everyone and always reciprocated that energy by delivering his best, which led us to success in every aspect. He taught me life lessons such as work ethic and commitment that were bigger than basketball that I will always be able to translate to every aspect of life. No matter the task it always felt like Coach was fully committed to the cause and he was always willing to work to the extremes to provide a winning environment where players got better at the game."

Kobbi Banks – Rockets Academy Captain 2019/20, Rockets Player 2015-2020



"The family environment at Rockets is different to the environments of clubs I’ve been at previously in that everyone is there for each other. Not only in your team, but across all age groups. The support at games acts as a continuous reminder that you are part of something bigger than yourself. Coach Prentice has pushed me to better myself continually. Albeit draining at times, he makes sure you have all the tools to become a better basketball player as well as a well-rounded individual. If you completely buy in to his mindset, I guarantee you your game will be elevated to new levels."

Demi Adeyeye – England and GB International U15 & U16, U16 Deng Camp 2019


"The club is a very tight-knit community. Everyone knows each other and is willing to help one another. It’s helped me in many ways from giving me exposure to high level basketball to helping me maintain a good education and teaching me life skills. We are continuing to grow and are slowly, in my opinion at least, becoming one of the best clubs in the country. The club is built on hard work and replicated in its teams. Coach Prentice is a good coach and the facts are there to back that statement up. He always will make sure to get the best out of you and make sure you are improving. He has helped me on numerous occasions because with him it’s bigger than basketball, his relationships with his players are more than just coach and player, they are actual friendships which is something I think is very important. He always makes himself available to help his players with whatever life throws at them which isn’t always the case at clubs as me myself have been to other clubs before Rockets so I’m speaking from experience."

Efe Ukegheson – England and GB International U14, U15 & U16

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