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Southside Rockets is a diverse, vibrant and united basketball community based in the southern Essex boroughs of Southend, Basildon and Thurrock. We provide grassroots and elite basketball pathways side-by-side. We compete in the Basketball England Junior National League Premier Division at U14, U16 and U18. Our U19 Academy also competes in the prestigious European Youth Basketball League. 



Southside Rockets Basketball Club is an inclusive organisation which serves the communities in which it exists. We value critical thinking, discipline and community mindedness at our core. We adopt a strictly behaviour before basketball approach – our fraternity preaches the notion of winning the game of life. Our organisation transcends that of a regular community club: we are a family. We care deeply for the welfare of one-another, we treat all in our family with love and we challenge one-another to become the greatest version of ourselves.

We practice equality unconditionally: race, religion, sexuality, wealth and gender are all immaterial. We believe that no person is more or less important than any other person. Everyone has a right to be heard, respected and cared for. We believe that truly caring for our youth is administering the traditional value of discipline. Our young Rockets will be the beneficiaries of structure, consistency and boundaries – they will always be disciplined firmly, fairly and respectfully when overstepping those boundaries. We also believe in championing the successes of our members. This unified commitment to discipline and celebration empowers us to develop our young Rockets into critically thinking, resilient and relentlessly determined adults that possess the humility and conscientiousness to shape the world around them for the better.

We provide inclusive opportunities for everyone to enjoy basketball. We also provide a selective elite pathway for young people that prove themselves to be open to learning, disciplined and ambitious. This pathway provides a challenging and rigorous opportunity for young people to chase their holistic potential and to be held accountable to their word. We provide a highly professional basketball experience through an athlete-centred philosophy: players have access to elite-level coaching in line with a centralised development framework, elite-level competition and elite-level performance review, tracking and feedback.

Our family provides an opportunity for anyone that wants to buy into our culture to feel a sense of belonging. We are committed to empowering the individual to strive for greatness, embodying a sense of solidarity and sticking by our own, no matter what.

U14 Prem v LGP 2019
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